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I bought 5 colors

I love them all. I gave them to my 11 year old, and she has done her hair everyday with them. And everyone else's hair. It goes on thick, but if brushed in lightly instantly becomes a tie-dye fade and flexes with hair's natural shape. It comes off easy too, washed out of a toddlers hair with baby soap and left only a smudge on her scalp, probably would have come off if I tried harder. Light, pleasant scent too.

Pink Temporary Hair Color
Raquelle Pedraza
Pink hair don’t care 💕💘

Today I decided to wear everything pink, including my hair 🤪 @britelitescolor temporary hair color is super easy to apply, it washes out with shampoo and won’t transfer to clothes or other surfaces 🌈 It was so fun trying it! 😆

The possibilities are literally endless

I tried out all the vivids - purple, blue, rose red and turquoise. OMG. So pretty and so fun. They work really well when highlighting smaller piecey sections. Also, I found that really using your fingers to blend the colors into the hair makes it look and feel natural.

LOVE! The colors are very bright!

I bought turquoise, blue, red and pink. My favorite are blue and red on black hair but they're all good!

Turquoise Temporary Hair Color
The Muscle Bound Yogi

Gorgeous turquoise color

Must have

FUN, easy to use, and just over all AWESOME! A must have to tap into your creative side!!